Adding items to the Menucard

The first step to getting a great menu card up and running is create some products to fill it with! We advise creating a least one or two menucard items prior to setting up the menucard section.

To set up an item is easy – simple go to the WordPress admin area and select “Menucard items > Add new”.

Setting up a product/item is just the same as creating a blog post, simply provide a title, enter the full product description and provide a price.

Then add a featured image of the product for a thumbnail to appear on the menucard.

The menucard displays products by category, so make sure when you’re creating the item that you select the appropriate category from the list on the right hand side of the editor, or create an appropriate one. For example, if we were creating a menu item called Spaghetti, we might want to create a category and call Pasta for it to be displayed in.

Once completed, scroll to the top of the page and hit publish. Repeat the same process to add as many items as required to your menucard.

Now go to the “Setting up the menucard” page to find out how to display your new items onto the page.