Important: Updating from a previous version of the Restaurant theme?

The latest version of the Restaurant theme, V6, is an exciting one. Please read through the details below prior to updating, to ensure you understand what’s new and what’s no longer compatible.

This theme is a major update, Cart 66 is no longer supported and the more powerful WooCommerce system takes its place. WooCommerce offers a lot more flexibility and payment options, plus there are various add-on’s which can extend its functionality even further.

All existing users of the theme, prior to version 6, will need to manually recreate their menus and menu items after updating. Page content and post content will remain in place, but you’ll need to manually reset your theme settings, widgets and navigation menus after updating.

The method for setting up and creating the menucard has changed, please see the new articles published in the knowledgebase to find out what to do. Please post on the support forum should you need further assistance.

Version 6 offers the ability to display your menu via a scrolling menucard to your customers, but also allows you to sell items online. Great for any business that provides a take out service.

Unlike the previous version, the menucard and the take out/online ordering systems are separate. So you’ll need to create one menucard for customers to view on your website, with all the relevant items you sell. And, if you choose to sell online, set up another menu of items available for order online using WooCommerce.

Prior to updating make sure all existing widgets are moved to the “Inactive widgets section”.

Make sure you backup an existing copy of your site, should you encounter an error and need to revert back.