Quick Start – Demo Setup

We want to get you up and running with the Restaurant theme as quickly as possible. That’s why we’ve included everything you need to get started in our demo site. You’re just a couple of clicks away from a fully functioning site! Just install the demo and then dive straight in editing and entering your own content.

How to get your website just like our demo!

Inside your download package, you’ll find a folder labelled “Import demo content”. Inside that folder you’ll find the dummy XML, which is all you need to import the demo content. Due to way WordPress works, there are some manual steps you have to take when setting up the demo after installing the demo content. Follow the step by step guide below.

Once you’ve installed the theme via the zip file, install and activate all the required plugins. You can do this via the notification box links which appear inside the WP-admin dashboard. Then simply go to your WordPress admin area and select “Tools -> Import”. Select WordPress from the list of options available and follow the instructions to install and activate the WordPress importer plugin. Click the browse option to locate the demo XML file which came in the demo content folder in the theme package folder situated on your computer to complete the process. Remember to check the box to install all the demo images.

With that installed, you’ll need to manually setup your menus via the WP-admin > appearance > menus to match the demo site. There’s primarily three you need to set, one for the main menu, mobile menu and footer menu (there are also options for left/right menus if you choose to have your logo in the middle of your navigation).

Once you’ve setup the menus, save and move on to the settings > reading panel. Set the frontpage to static via the radio button and using the dropdown menu set it to use ‘frontpage’ and the posts page to ‘news’ then save.

Moving on, head on over to sections > menucard and scroll down to the categories checkboxes near the bottom of the page – ensure all of the relevant menu categories you want to display on your menu are checked and uncheck any blank entries then save.

In appearance > Theme settings > general, scroll down and enter in the custom sidebar panel, ‘frontpage’ and save. This creates a new sidebar for your front page widgets to use.

Go to appearance > widgets and drop in the required widgets for the frontpage sidebar. In the demo we’ve used 2 featured content widgets, and an open table reservation widget. But you can add whatever you wish. Fill in your widget content and save your settings.

Lastly, go to the front end of the site and refresh the page. Your site should now resemble to RedFactory Restuarant demo site, and you’re ready to move on and start entering/editing your own content and images.