Selling online using WooCommerce

Unlike previous versions of the Restaurant theme, which used Cart66 to sell online, V6 now uses WooCommerce.

To start selling your produce online, either for takeout or home delivery couldn’t be easier!

First you’ll need to make sure you follow the WooCommerce setup guide, which installs the plugin and some additional pages it requires – see the guide here –

Once installed, you’re ready to start setting up your products and categories. Simply head to the Wp-admin area, and you’ll see a new tab titled “Products”. If you’ve already planned out your menu, and you know what categories you’d like to include, such as “Starters” “Main Courses” etc. Then click on “Products > Categories” and add them prior to setting up your items. Product categories are displayed on the main “Shop” page and your customer will be able to go through the product categories to select the items they wish to order.

Once you’ve added your categories, you’ll need to put some products inside them. Navigate to “Products > Add Product”. Fill in the title for your product, a description in the content area, select which category the product will be displayed under and add a product image. Then scroll down the page to the “Product data” section, fill in the various fields such as “Price” and “Short product description” and hit update to make your product live.

Repeat this process to add all the items you wish to sell online to your take out/delivery menu.

All the settings for WooCommerce can be accessed via the “WooCommerce > Settings” tab from the Wp-admin, from there you can set the currency options, cart, checkout and shop pages, terms and conditions, payment gateways and much more. Full documentation on using WooCommerce can be found at