Setting up the Bookings Page

The Restaurant theme has used the free “Restaurant Reservations plugin” to allow you to build in a reservation system, so your customers to book a table via your website.

You can download the plugin from the WordPress Repository here –

Once installed and activated, you’ll need to get started on setting up your booking page. The first thing you’ll need to do is create a new page and call it something like “Reservations”.

Navigate to the “Wp-admin > Bookings > Settings” page and here you’ll see three tabs, “General”, “Booking Schedule” and “Notifications.

In the General tab, use the dropdown to select your newly created “Reservations” page. Then fill in the fields below such as party size, date format, language to your liking.

In the Booking schedule tab you’ll find options to define scheduling of when you can accept bookings, scheduling of special opening hours for holidays, events etc. Settings for how early or late a customer can book, time intervals between bookings and the start day for your week.

The notifications tab is where you can setup your preferred email address that the booking system will use to make the bookings and contact your customer. You can also set your admin email notifications, new email request and confirm/rejected email requests using the template tags listed at the top of the page. This way you can tailor your messages to your business and make sure everyone if notified at each step of the way.

Bookings can be viewed/managed via the Bookings tab via the WP-admin. Simply click on a booking and use the options to confirm, close, set to pending or trash.