Setting up the Frontpage Widgets

With version 6 of the Restaurant theme, we’ve included an awesome new ‘sections’ feature to allow you to add additional content to your site – including the widgets on the frontpage. Prior to completing the steps below, please make sure you’ve installed and activated all of the required plugins.

Firstly, go to appearance > Theme settings > general.  Scroll down and enter in the custom sidebar panel field, ‘frontpage’ and save. This creates a new sidebar for your front page widgets to use.

The next step is to create a section for your widgets to live in on the frontpage. Go to sections > create new section and call it something like ‘frontpage widgets’. In the section options, select widgetized area from the dropdown, and then below choose the name of the sidebar you’ve previously created, in our case it was called frontpage. Your section is now setup to pull in the frontpage sidebar onto your homepage. So now all you have to do it populate that sidebar with widgets!

Head on over to appearance > widgets and drop in the required widgets for the new frontpage sidebar you’ve made. In the demo we’ve used 2 featured content widgets, and an open table reservation widget. But you can add whatever you wish. Fill in your widget content and save your settings.

To find out more about creating and using sections, please see our “Using sections page”.