Setting up the Menucard

One of the main features of the Restaurant theme is the scrolling menucard, it’s the easiest way to display all of your menu items, plus it’s quick and easy to edit and update. The menucard uses the new “Sections” feature to display the menucard items inside the template.

To get started with your menucard, first go into the WordPress admin area and click “Pages > New page” to create a new page. Provide a page title – something you’d like to call your menu – such as Menucard. If you’ve previously installed the demo content, then scroll down and you’ll see in the “Sections” area, two columns – “Sections to display” and “All Sections”. Drag and drop the menucard section into the “Sections to display column and hit publish”.

Now you can edit your menu items to those of your choice via the “Menucard items” tab in the Wp-Admin area, by deleting our demo content items and replacing with your own. Simply click on the “Add new item” button at the top of the page, enter the title, a description, category, price and select a featured image. Then scroll up and hit update to add this product to the menucard.

If you’re creating your menu from scratch without the use of the demo content, you’ll first need to set up your items and menu categories via the “Menucard items” tab from the Wp-admin area. You’ll need at least one product in there before you can move on to the next step of the process.

Once you’ve created some menu items, you can then go on and create a section called menucard, Go to the Wp-admin area, hit the Sections tab and click “add new”. Enter the title for the section as “Menucard” and then scroll down to the “Restaurant sections settings” panel. From the drop down select the “Section type” as menucard. Then choose from the various options below to set a background color, text color, set the margins, choose the number of items which display in a row and if you wish for the filter to appear.

Directly below, in the Menucard categories area, choose the categories you’d like to display in the menucard, and drag and drop them into the desired position. Hit publish to complete.

Great, so now you’ve set up your menucard section and all of the menucard items you’d like to display within it, you now need to choose a page for it to be displayed on.

Create a new page and call it something like ‘Menu’, scroll down to the “Sections to display” area then drag and drop the menucard section into that column and hit publish! Your newly created menucard will now be displayed on the page.