Using Sections

Sections is a new feature to the Restaurant theme, you can use sections to display additional content, widgets or the menucard on any page. This is ideal if you want to use content on more than one page, without having to manually replicate it.

To setup a new section, simply go to the Wp-admin area, hit the Sections tab and click “add new”. Enter the title for the section as “Menucard” or “Gallery” and then scroll down to the “Restaurant sections settings” panel.

From the drop down select the “Section type” plan content, widget area or menucard. Then choose from the various options below to set a background color, text color, set the margins, choose the number of items which display in a row and if you wish for the filter to appear.

Depending on your choice of section type, different options area available.


Directly below, in the Menucard categories area, choose the categories you’d like to display in the menucard, and drap and drop them into the desired position. Hit publish to complete.

Great, so now you’ve set up your menucard section and all of the menucard items you’d like to display within it, you now need to choose a page for it to be displayed on.

Create a new page and call it something like ‘Menu’, scroll down to the “Sections to display” area and drag and drop the menucard section into that column and hit publish! Your newly created menucard will now be displayed on the page.

Widget Area

Scroll down to the Widget sections option and from the drop down choose which sidebar you’d like to use. If you haven’t created your sidebar yet save your current page, open a new window and from the WP-admin go to Appearance>Theme settings > General and scroll down to the custom sidebars field. Enter the name of your new sidebar and save. Then go to the Widget tab (Appearance>Widgets) and add the desired widgets to your new custom sidebar. Return to the section page and refresh the page, you’ll now see your new sidebar as an available option to display in your section. Once you’ve finished, scroll up and hit publish.


No more options needed, just simply scroll up and hit publish.