Common Issues & Solutions

WordPress is constantly evolving and updating, as with that a number of common problems can occur. Below is a list of common WordPress issues you could at some point experience, and some tips on how to fix them.

Plugin Incompatibility

Occasionally after updating your theme, WordPress or installing new plugins, you may begin to notice something strange happening on your site. It could be that certain theme functions no longer work, the admin panel displays strangely or certain parts are missing entirely.

If this does happen to you after an update, don’t panic! It will most likely be down to a plugin incompatibility.

Depending on when they were written and how they were coded, plugins can clash with the core code in your theme, or even with the latest version of WordPress. It’s always best to ensure that you’re using the latest version of the plugin and checking beforehand which version of WordPress the plugin is currently compatible with.

Diagnosing and Fixing

To determine if an error you are experiencing is the direct result of a plugin conflict, go your WordPress admin and select the plugins tab. Then follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Deactivate ALL third party plugins not required by the theme.
  2. Re-visit your website to see if the issue you were experiencing has resolved or remains.

If the problem has resolved, then one of the plugins installed was indeed conflicting with your site. You will need to activate each plugin, one by one, checking on each occasion to see when the problem returns.

When you have found the plugin causing the problem, you will need to remove that plugin from the site and find another plugin as a replacement, to provide the same functionality.

PHP Errors

Sometimes after updating, you might see scary PHP errors appear at the top of site, sometimes on the live site or even within the admin area. It’s always best to make a note of these warnings or error messages and then open a thread on our forum at so a member of our support team can take a look at them and advise further.

If the messages are just warnings, it could be that you have WP-debug enabled, please see the following link on the WordPress codex for steps on enabling and disabling Wp-Debug on your site –

White screen of death

The infamous white screen of death. Sounds scary doesn’t it? You’ve just updated something, clicked on something else and suddenly… no website, just a white screen. Well, do not fret, in reality it’s usually a pretty simple problem to resolve.

If you’re still able to access the WP admin area, try disabling your third party plugins to see if the site comes back to life. If it does, then you have a plugin incompatibility, please follow the steps outlined in that section to resolve.

However, something the white screen of death and be down to a php memory limit, please speak with your host, ask them to up your php memory to 256mb and hopefully this will rectify the problem.