Setting up the Navigation Menu

The Beauty Salon 2 theme includes three locations for your navigation menus. These three locations aren’t automatically setup on installation. We advise you set up each menu to ensure your site remains as in the demo site and functions as you would expect. You will need to set three menu locations under “Appearance -> Menus” from the WordPress admin area.The menu locations that are available are:

  • Main menu: This is the menu in the navigation bar at the very top of your site, and the main menu for your users to navigate through your pages.
  • Footer menu: The footer menu is located at the very bottom of your page. This menu will hide automatically on smaller screens, ensuring your site is easy to read on mobile devices.
  • Mobile main menu: This will be the top navigation menu on mobile devices, and will replace the normal main menu. This way you can slim down the menu, or present users with alternative pages for use on their mobile phone.

BS2 - menus