Translating this theme

Another wonderful thing about WordPress is that it has become a universal platform. The WordPress Community has enabled it so that the platform can be translated into any language: your RedFactory theme can also be completely translated. There are two ways to do this, either  by using pot/po/mo files or a translation plugin.

Using a plugin

You can use a plugin to translate all the text in a theme. The “WPML” plugin, for example, is perfect for this, and will allow you to set up several languages:

Using pot/po/mo files

You can also translate the theme using pot/po/mo files. To get the files that you need, you will first need to get all the available strings from your theme. You can do this with a plugin like “Loco Translate”: plugin will allow you to create and load the files that you need. There are also other plugins available that will perform the same purpose, so use the one that you feel most comfortable with!