Creating a portfolio

The portfolio can be used to display your products, services or even work that you’ve done. Once the portfolio items have been created, you can display them via a portfolio section. This also means you can combine the portfolio with a lot of other content.


Creating a portfolio requires two important steps:

Creating portfolio items

First of all you’ll need to create portfolio items. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Portfolio items -> Add New Item” from the WordPress admin area.
  2. Insert a title for your portfolio item. This is shown in the portfolio overview and on the portfolio item page itself, so make sure it’s catchy and not to long.
  3. Insert the content that you want to display into the editor. You can use columns to divide text and images, creating a magazine style layout – the choice is yours.
  4. Add your Featured Image from the option on the right side of the page editor. Note: Be sure to do this – this is a required step! Any size will do since the image will be automatically resized to cover the tile in the portfolio overview.
  5. Additionally you can also use sections in the portfolio. This allows you to reuse other items you’ve created, such call to action areas and create advanced portfolio items.

Creating a portfolio section

Once you’ve created some portfolio items you can start setting up a portfolio section to display these them. This is already explained in the Creating a sections page article, but for this example we’ll zoom in on the portfolio type section. To set up your portfolio section, follow these steps:

  1. Go to “Sections -> Add New” from the WordPress admin area.
  2. Insert a title for this section. This title will not be shown on the website and is purely to keep them track of your section in the WordPress backend.
  3. Select the “Portfolio” section type from the Additional settings panel on the right hand side. This will reveal the “Portfolio Section Options” below.
  4. From these new section options, you can set up some colours for your portfolio section  and the number of columns you’d like to display.
  5. More importantly, you can set up your portfolio filter and the portfolio items that you wish to display. For flexibility reasons we haven’t coupled these settings – you can select any category and any portfolio item you want by ticking the relevant checkbox. Feel free to drag and drop the items to reorder them.
  6. All done! Save the page and you’ve created your very own portfolio section. Now you can load it on to any section page you want. Use it on frontpage, a portfolio page or maybe on a services page? The choice is yours.