So you’ve set up your site using the templates available in your theme, filled it with content, and now you just need some final adjustments to make it perfect!

Whilst we try to include the layout and features which we feel will best suit most users for that particular theme – we understand that on occasion some clients will need to take their design a little bit further.

Child Themes

Making modifications to a theme can be a tricky business. What if there’s an update to a theme, do you need to overwrite all the changes you’ve made? Once they’re gone you can’t always get them back. Thankfully, WordPress has thought of the perfect solution to the problem: Child Themes.

A Child Theme can be seen as a completely separate theme, but with the bonus of loading all the files from the parent theme. So you can add your own css styling, functions or WordPress hooks, without disturbing the code within the parent theme.Using this method, ensures that when you update the parent theme, all of your own styling and customizations are protected within the child theme. Only the files that you modify within the child theme will be overwritten. A complete tutorial can be read on the WordPress website:

Adding Additional Functionality
Sometimes you might want to add additional functionality to your site. Maybe add an online booking or reservation form? Or a widget with your most popular top ten posts? The possibilities are endless, and WordPress makes this very easy in the form of plugins. You can read more about plugins on the WordPress codex – and browse through thousands of available extensions on the plugin repository –

Getting Professional Help

Scoured the internet looking for solutions, read up on html, css, and still feel lost? Well why not try out our customizations service? Then you sit back, relax and let skilled developers take on the task for you! Post your theme customization requests at