Setting up the frontpage

The frontpage that we’ve set up for the Company has two important steps that need to be completed on setup: A section page and a static frontpage.


Custom frontpage

If you want to add content to your frontpage then you´ll need to set this up in advance via the WordPress admin. By default WordPress will display a list of your recent blog posts. To change this and set up a static frontpage, go to “Settings -> Reading” and check the option for a static frontpage. From the dropdown select the page that you’d like to be the frontpage of your site. Please note that the frontpage won’t display the page title. It is standard practise for websites to not have a page title on the frontpage, as this will detract from your branding or site logo. The rest is exactly the same as on other pages.

For the demo we’ve set up the frontpage with a section page which we’ll explain in the next section: Creating a section page.