Adding Projects

Showing your potential clients what you can do, and what tools and services you use to do it, builds confidence in both your brand and business. That’s why we’ve created a great Projects template, which shows the end user all the information they need to know about a project your team has worked on, all in one place!

The projects template include detailed information about the particular project, which consultants worked on the project (with links their individual consultant pages) and the applied tools and services your company offers which made this project a success!

To setup a project page, find the projects tab from the Wp-admin area -> add new. Make sure you’ve got the relevant information relating to the project to hand and then you can start filling in the required fields. Add the project title, provide detailed information about the project (including images) within the main page editor, select a category the project falls under (or add one using the add new button, if the category isn’t listed) and set your featured image for the project.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 13.57.56

Move down the page to the “Consultant Project Options’ panel and you’ll see a field to set the name of the client who commissioned the project, and the location of the project.

Below you then use the lists to pick which services were used for this project, and the team members who worked on the project from the lists by ticking the relevant checkboxes. Now scroll back up and hit publish, your first project is now live for the world to see! Simply repeat this process and add as many projects as required to show the world what your company can do.Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 14.01.54

Once you’ve setup all of your projects, you’ll need a page to display them all on. In our demo we’ve used various sections pages, with different settings and options to show you all of the possible layouts you could use to showcase your projects.

To find out more about sections, see our ‘using sections’ guide in the Knowledge Base, to see our demo and look at the various project section layouts, visit Milton and go through the projects dropdown menu.