Adding Store Locations

If your company has multiple premises, you’ll want to make sure your customers can find the nearest one, as quickly as possible – that’s where the store locator panel comes into action.

From the Wp-admin area, navigation to Store Locator -> New Store. Add the name of the first location in the title field, and then in the Wp-editor provide any relevant information about the branch or a short description.

Using the panels on the right hand side of the editor, add a category (if required) and add a featured image of the premises. Scroll down and you’ll see an options panel for “Store Details”. This panel is split into three tabs; Location, Opening Hours and Additional information. Fill in the required fields for each tab, then head on up to the top of the page and hit publish.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 14.17.18

Repeat this process to add additional premises until all of your locations are listed on the site. Once you’ve added all of your locations, you’ll need a page to display them all on. In our demo we setup a page, with a section using the ‘locations’ section type on it. This is a specifically designed section, which will display all of your locations. To find out more about sections, see our ‘using sections’ guide in the Knowledge Base.

To see our demo and look at the locations section layout, visit Milton Locations to see it in action.