Adding your Services

In the world of business, it’s important to let people know what you can do. You might offer services that some clients never knew were available. If you’re not placing focus on them, then you could be missing out on a huge chunk of the pie or losing business to competitors. Well we’ve made sure this won’t happen with Milton, we’ve added an easy to complete services template, which will display everything your business can do and more! Plus, it allows you to connect these services to recent projects you’ve worked on, and even the staff who’ve worked on them – keeping all the important information all in one place.

Adding your services

To get started, navigate to the Wp-admin area -> Services -> add new. Make sure you’ve made a list of all the services you provide before hand, then you can dive right in. Add a title for your first service, then in the WP-editor write some more detailed information on the service you provide and give some examples or provide options for using the service. Use the “Categories” panel on the right hand side to select which category this service falls under, if it’s not listed click the “add new category” option to enter it manually, then set a featured image for the service.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 13.23.58

Scroll down and you’ll see the “Consultant Service Options’ panel. This allows you to connect this service to a project/case study in which it was used. Check the tick box for the relevant projects and then scroll up and hit publish. Well done, that’s your first service down. Repeat the process to add additional services until everything your business covers is online. Once you’ve added all of your services, you’ll need a page to display them all on. In our demo we’ve used various sections page, each with different settings and options to show you all of the possible layouts you could use to showcase your services.

To find out more about sections, see our “Using Sections” guide in the KnowledgeBase. To see our demo and look at the various services section layouts, visit Milton and go through the services drop down menu.