I am looking for something simple so I did it manually. Main gallery page is easy. Just page with pictures used as links . But when I tried to create proper sub-galleries I found it little tricky. I did it manually as page and I have nice gallery but every image as standalone link . Or I used your template “Gallery” but then I have to select one or more category from posts and then they will be displayed. In the second option I don’t want to have “Read more” or any other text and I don’t want to create post for every single image I would like to use in gallery.
In general I would like to have it displayed as in option 1 and to have the basic gallery behavior (next, previous, close) which is in-build in your theme already.
Links are not working so here it is again manually:

Option 1: http://bastien-cafe.eu/galerie-rekonstrukce/
Option 2: http://bastien-cafe.eu/galerie-bastien-cafe/

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