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I had GoDaddy roll back the site by 30 days and it did not change. The best thinking is that something is wrong with the theme. I am working with the Restaurant theme. When I select a menu item while at flavorspdx.com I get a 404 error (file not found). I think the Permalink has been changed from Ugly to Pretty. (I may have done this.) But I cannot select Permalink from the Dashboard. When I click on the option for Permalink it does nothing. My customer is getting quite frustrated.
Patrick Schwab

I can pretty much guarantee it won’t be an issue with the theme, otherwise everyone would be experiencing it. It sounds more like it’s related to the changes you could have made to the permalinks.

When you go to a page in the wp-admin, like you’re going to edit it. What do you see showing as the permalink – http://screencast.com/t/CmpBPVroFec Does that match the permalink structure you’re expecting on the front end of the site?

If you click ‘view page’ inside the page you’re editing and it takes you to the live page, does that show up as 404 or does that show you the page but at another url, ie: permalink is different?