Hi Brandon

Ok it seems like one of your plugins is causing the problem. I disabled all plugins, added a description in the description field and it appears again as per normal. http://screencast.com/t/PpvnaYTEPZ

Turn the plugins back on, the description I entered is no longer available. It’s like it resets the custom fields. I think the best thing to do, enable the plugins, one by one, to see which is causing the problem. Once you’ve found it, roll back via your host a couple of days / a week so you have all of your original descriptions in place. Then disable that plugin completely or find an alternative. Copy/paste the descriptions back into the description field and save.

Or if you have access to the database, via your host you could try and use MySQL to set the custom fields to description again – https://silicondales.com/tutorials/wordpress-tutorials/wordpress-using-mysql-to-update-specific-custom-fields/