Hi there, it looks like the page is using the menucard template. You can check this by going into Pages>selecting the page you have used for the menucard and making sure the template is selected from the drop down on the right hand side.

Underneath this, if you scroll down, you’ll see the options for the amount of columns – currently looks like you have it set to 1 – and the categories you’d like to display. Make sure you check the categories and drag/drop them into order you would like them to display.

Currently it looks like you only have tester information in there, and no images for the thumbnails, make sure you go back and add some images so you can see the layout correctly and that you have not selected the one column layout.

Full details on setting up the menucard can be found here for reference if you need to double check –

Setting up the Menucard

Adding items to the Menucard

Let us know how you get on.