Hi there, happy new year!

You can move the logo into the centre by adjusting the margins using css. Copy and paste the code below into your style.css and save. You might need to adjust the % value to get it exactly dead centre.

#logo {margin-left: 70%;}

Unfortunately, the theme is only set up to have a tagline on the right hand side, to add another on the left you’d need to make a number of changes to the php code for the header area and the admin area for the theme settings so you could create an input field etc. That type of customisation is outside of our support spectrum on the forum, so you’d need to request a customisation from the Dev team (https://support.redfactory.nl/request-customization/) or use a third party developer etc.

The easiest way to get that look, would be to create an image with the left tagline and logo in it, then upload it in place of the logo so it gives the effect there is a tagline on the left, when really it’s all part of the logo image.