Hi Arthur,

We’ve had a few people across various themes state that there are issues with the WP admin since the last update to WP, all Jquery related so it sounds like scripts need to be updated/revised in order for it to work. Spoke ot Dev team last night and passed these over for them to look into to determine the cause. Unfortunately, you didn’t put the site url in the above, so I couldn’t log into double check but due to the other reports we’ve had it sounds like you’re all experiencing the same issue.

In the meantime it would be best to roll back to a previous version of WP until the dev team have been able to issue a working fix for the theme to support WP 4.4.1. Older versions of WP can be found at https://wordpress.org/download/release-archive/

As soon as I have more information from the Dev team regarding this, I’ll update the threads on the forum.