Hi there, well the reality is this will be the same with all WordPress themes. As WordPress updates regularly and make changes to the core system, we have to update the theme to work with it. So everytime we update the theme Envato sends you an email to confirm an update is available.

You have three choices, one to get the wp admin back up and running is to update to the latest edition of the theme. Or, option 2 – roll back to an older version of WordPress which works with the theme. I personally think it’s easier to update the theme than roll back WordPress.

Or, you can stop the scrolling altogether by overriding the Jquery animation but fixing the scroll in one place. Just means that people will have to scroll back up the page to find and hit the button etc. This option won’t resolve the WP-admin though, so if you’re not looking to make any edits to the theme settings in the future you could do that.

The css for that would be

#card-next {
top: 50px !important;