Hi there,

This is interesting as this is the first time I’ve seen this question posted, but I’ve looked into the core code and you’re totally correct.The breadcrumbs are very simple for this theme, they’re designed really for the blog/posts, so only setup to show the category prior to the post name. On single pages, it is setup only to show home/page name. It doesn’t look for the parent pages etc.

If you’d like to see that display with parent pages it would be better to disable the breadcrumbs in the theme settings and use a plugin like https://wordpress.org/plugins/breadcrumb-navxt/ or similar, as you’d have more control.

To change the word Home to something else, you’ll need to open the functions.php file, line 230, and change ‘Home’ to your chosen word and then save.

I will email your findings to the Dev team as they’re currently working on an update and this might be something they’d like to include.