Hi Tim,

I am also having issues with your latest theme (5.5) and WP 4.1, the Customize page won’t load and I’m unable to use any widgets (dropdowns won’t expand for text entry).

I read on this website a suggestion to enable debugging, which would provide me with error codes


The error codes I am receiving now are below

Notice: Undefined index: cp_sidebar_name[] in /home/madinaz/bonappnice.com/wp-content/themes/therestaurant/functions.php on line 188

Notice: Undefined index: page in /home/madinaz/bonappnice.com/wp-content/themes/therestaurant/functions.php on line 72

Notice: Undefined variable: theme_name in /home/madinaz/bonappnice.com/wp-content/themes/therestaurant/functions.php on line 72

Would greatly appreciate your help.