You can upload your own logo under “Appearance -> Theme Settings -> Blog logo” 🙂
Sadly we don’t have a list of our customers. We’d love to have one, but not all customers share their site with us. There are several examples posted here on our support forum, so you can take a look around.

Do you mean you want to change the footer credits for example? You can find this in the footer.php file in the theme folder. Other theme names can be changed, but you need to be careful not to mess with the theme settings, or your theme won’t work anymore. You can go through the admin/controlpanel.php file in the theme folder to change the theme name. Keep a backup just in case.

Also, the latest update includes the following changes:

– Updated twitter widget with new API
– Added option to hide the slider on smaller screens (buyer request)
– Added a seperate mobile navigation menu (buyer request)