Thanks for getting back to me.

I’ve followed all of the menu card instructions to the tee as well as checked and double check they are correct.

I’ve also experimented with ‘Slider height’ and ‘Number of items per page’ with no joy.

I’ve not installed the dummy content, this theme is being used with a clean WP install, so there will be no hangover of settings/categories.

Following your advice I unchecked and re-check the categories in the ‘Page categories for the Menu Card, Gallery or Blog page template’ field in both my Menu and Takeaway Menu pages. Still the same issue.

I also tried switching to both pages to the ‘blog’ and ‘gallery’ templates and back again to see if this made any difference. It didn’t.

Please can you take another look at my issue please. If you need login details I can PM to you.

Thanks Lars