Sounds a little spooky to me; it should’nt be nessecary to do that.

To import the example data is not logical and Red Factory has not descriped the process clearly to new users. They have sold more than 4.400 copies and earned more than +$250.000, but will they give us – new buyers – any support? No way!

Here’s the correct way to import the sample data:

Click “Tools” > “Import”. Selkect the downmost option “WordPress”.

Now comes the secret Red Factoru forgot to tell us: Click/accept the uppermost option “Install now”.

Surprizzzzze: WordPress Importer 0.6.1 are now installed. Click “Activate Plugin & Run Importer”.

On the next screen you will have the opportunity to upload/import from your harddrive. Click the button 8don’t know wat the english text is … meybe “Browse”?), and find the folder “Import demo content” in the extracted package. From this folder select the file “therestaurant.wordpress.2013-03-25.xml” nad click “Upload file and import”.

On the next screen you must assign posts to your own username nad check the box “Download and import file attachments” (I presume!). Click “Submit”.

After a while (be patient – even on a cable connection)) the demo content should be imported.

If there were any errors/mistakes in this instruction, so please bear with me and ask questions. I will try to respond as Red Factory evidently don’t feel a responsibility towards the product that they have earned a lot of money on.