I’ll explain how to set up the menucard in a few easy steps 🙂

1) Before creating your menucard items you can create several post categories. These will be the categories for your menucard. You can also create child categories which will appear under parent categories. These will be included automaticly.

2) Next, let’s create some products! Create a post like you normally would. Put in a title, some content and/or excerpt and specify a price. You can also select a product image by selecting a Featured Image. Last but not least, select one of the categories you created in step 1.

3) Create a new page and select the menucard page template on the right. Next, under Additional Settings, select the product categories you want to show on your menucard. Every category will get its own column, with two columns per page. You can select as many categories as you want.

4) Enjoy your newly created menucard 🙂

Hope this helps!